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Soundtrack Without Movie by Ustoz Ustoz : Soundtrack Without Movie.
Emotive electronica formed from the modern world.

The debut Album "Soundtrack without movie" is a result of two-years' work and long searching. What does the musician search: he searches for a sense of his creativity. Why is the music necessary? To whom is it intended?

"Soundtrack without movie" is Ustoz's first attempt to answer these questions. "This album is for those who wish to think whilst listening to the music. To reflect on the meaning of their life, to think about their own place in this world and to understand 'what is happiness'. I set these questions to myself whilst working on this album. I think this album, will be a fine background (soundtrack) for reflections about life."

It is the citation which defines the album's name. After all, our life is - as cinema, is one which always needs a soundtrack.


1. Clair De Lune
2. A Day On The Earth
3. Before The End
4. Aslad
5. Roobaba
6. Play A Trump
7. Happy Toys
8. Ready For a Miracle (Extended Edit)
9. Blue Grass
10. Soundtrack Without Movie
11. Bahshi's Soul (Radio Edit)

Listen to: the entire album.

License Emotive electronica formed from the modern world by Ustoz for your project.
Play the music of Ustoz in your restaurant or store.

Release date: 7/3/2010
Ustoz lives in Tashkent Uzbekistan

Tagged as: Electronica, World, IDM, World Electronic

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