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Mercy Machine: Introspective avant-pop songs.

A hybrid between Leonard Cohen's late night confessions and Kate Bush's etherea, Mercymachine was formed in 1994 by vocalists/guitarists Jazno Francoeur and Susanne Turner, along with string virtuosos Paul Fleury on cello and Dan Cermeno on upright bass. Over the years, the lineup has included Christian Mildh, Cooper Ladnier, Chris Nobling, and soundtrack impresario, Kays Al-Atrakchi.

Their self-titled debut CD, Mercymachine, was released in 1997 and they spent the next few years working on In Your Bed a two-CD orchestral concept album about unrequited love and sexual politics. In 2003, an assortment of prominent electronica artists remixed In Your Bed with styles ranging from dirty techno to classic Orlando breakbeat. 2005 saw the release of The Devil I Know, currently being remixed by Q Burns, Abstract Message, Dee Base, Antena, Gabriele Corcos, Pharm 13, DJ Yatis, Pimpdaddy Nash, subtlezero, and Gold Buddha. That same year, Jazno also put out the digital release The Misadventures of Jumpsuit George, a laptop sample fantasia.

In 2006, singer-songwriter Andie Cubbage joined Mercymachine. Her first work with the group will appear on Fallen Out, an album scheduled for release in the summer of 2007.

  Mercy Machine

[The Devil I Know by Mercy Machine]

The Devil I Know

[In Your Bed by Mercy Machine]

In Your Bed

[In Your Bed - instrumental mix by Mercy Machine]

In Your Bed - instrumental mix

[In Your Bed - the remixes by Mercy Machine]

In Your Bed - the remixes

[Mercy Machine by Mercy Machine]

Mercy Machine

Mercy Machine lives in Washington, USA.

Tagged as: Alt Rock, Rock, Woman Singing Electro Pop.

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