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Music licensed by number of units distributed

Use this page when you want to license music for a limited quantity of produced items, such as music to accompany a wedding or other event video, a promotional DVD for your company; any time you need music for a small quantity of goods and you prefer to pay by the unit. The "single units" license is an popular alternative to the "video" or "music compilation" licenses and is often less expensive.

This license does not give you any right to play the music in a public space. This license only gives you the right to put the music on a CD or DVD which is then sold or given to inviduals for home use.

Amount of music:

The "run of the catalog" option allows you to use any of our music in any combination, on the products you create. The other licenses only grant you the right to one song or album.

Units manufactured or distributed:

Describe the songs you are using:

This allows us to pay artist's royalties, and legally covers you in your use.

Any questions or problems with licensing? Email Teresa Malango or call (510) 684-4175.

This license will grant you syncronization and mechanical rights, to place the licensed song in your product. We will not ask to see your work or exercise any artistic control over the use of the music in your work. We don't think it's right for musicians to dictate what a artist's vision should be, and we hope you'll honor the flexibility we give you by giving us your business.

We see to it that the music has had the appropriate legal rights pre-cleared, and the music license you will receive contains a provision indemnifying you of legal liability in that regard. We have licensed our music to hundreds of projects, including global megacompanies such as the Regal Entertainment Group and Hitachi. You can rest assured that buying a license from us will get you in the clear, and we're happy to physically sign a purchased music license so that you have a hard copy as proof.